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Join us on Zoom for an Online Summer Institute

The School-Connect Institute directly prepares participants to implement School-Connect in their classrooms and provide staff training in their school or district. If you’re unable to attend one of our live Institutes, our online Summer Institute offers much of the same information and interaction as our in- person Institutes.

Check back weekly for new Teacher Tips!
Check back weekly for new Teacher Tips!
Check back weekly for new Teacher Tips!
Check back weekly for new Teacher Tips!
Check back weekly for new Teacher Tips!
Check back weekly for new Teacher Tips!
School-Connect can come to your school, district or community for a 1-day training! These trainings provide an in-depth overview of how the School-Connect curriculum and demonstrate for Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) can make a difference in your students. Interested? Send us an email to learn more –


Past Posts 2019/2020

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December BlogFeatured Video: Manage Your Emotions Before They Manage You

November BlogGratitude is a deliberate practice… 

October BlogFeatured Video: Inspiring Student Engagement 

September Blog –  Featured Video:  Back to School with SEL – Hear Tips From School-Connect Teachers on Successful Implementation in a Classroom Environment

June Blog“What We Do for Ourselves, Directly Affects Everything” – Guest Author: Sharon Bradley – Director of Family and Social Services/SEL, Plano ISD. 

May BlogMaking the Case for SEL: Texas Legislation Proposes HB4454: Social and Emotional Learning Standards for Public School Educational Programs. 

April BlogThe Gift of Listening: Integrating Active Listening into Daily Life & School Culture. Click HERE for the full post.

March BlogCreating a Safer, Supportive Learning Environment. Click HERE for the full post.

February BlogWorried About Teens Stress Levels? Give Teens the Tools They Need to Work Through It! Click HERE for the full post.

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Watch for more information on our virtual Summer Institutes – more details coming soon!

Join us on ZOOM for an Online Summer Institute! July 14-16, 2020

10:00 am – 3:00 pm central time

Reno, NV Summer Institute – July 28-31, 2020